Universal Music

Packaging + illustration + animation

The music business is not foreign to Overhaus, and working with a client like Universal Music gives us the chance to try out different format and sensibilities. We worked with both big and small artists within the label, this is a selection of some of the projects we've worked on the last few years.


Sebastian Zalo & Ingebjørg Bratland - Skyggens Mann, single artwork and animation

Two exciting, but different artists collaborating on a very solid release. We were asked to do the cover artwork in addition to animation to support the singles release.


Odd Nordstoga - Inn i skogen - album artwork + vinyl layout

Absolute honor to be asked to do the album cover for the new release from Odd Nordstoga. Fantastic artist, and a great album. For us, it's always fun to put together vinyl records, something we've got extensive experience with. The front cover is based on a photo from Odd Norstoga of a hollow oak chopped down at his farm.


Sebastian Zalo + Gus Polden, "Vi Skal Ut" key art.

Two of Norways premiere artists were going on tour just on the last leg of the pandemic. We provided the key art for the promotional campaign. The client wanted something reminiscent of a 70s movie, that evoked a sense of road trip and exploration. 


EGGI - FTB - Single artwork + animation

Single artwork and snippets of animation for Eggis single "FTB".


Various single covers

We've done a lot of different single covers for different releases, some are fitted to style and concept of the different artists. These are some of them.

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