USF Feriekolonien

Identity, animation, illustration and decor
A dream job come true for Overhaus. USF Verftet contacted us to make a new profile for annual summer festival «Feriekolonien». Roughly translated to «Vacation Colony». In all essence this is a series of events, markets, concerts, food, beer and happenings at day and night at one location in Bergen, Norway. We saw this as an opportunity to get some sunlight, and make some decorations, animatons, and whole toolkit for USF verfet to play around with. This is the result.
Photos by Jannica Luoto
We spray painted a wall on the festival site – this is a short timelapse of the process. Our animator Andreas even made the music.
Locally sourced!
In this process we did the illustration, design and decorations in house, employing all the different skills we have at the studio. We got the different figures cut at local studio called «FRES». The client, USF Verftet mounted all the figures at their temporary festival site, as well as made the layouts for the different promotional items.
These are some of the characters we developed for the festival. All sorts of people enjoying the sun!