Packaging design

Tekslo is a new founded company making dried sea weed. They wanted us to help making their first batch of packaging for their weed. Their products includes different kinds of sea weed, each with their distinct look, smell and taste.

The packaging for this product is similar to a coffee pouch. We decided on a bag in recycled paper for this one, with an illustration printed over the entire bag. This allows Tekslo to alternate between the different types of sea weed using stickers with different colors to indicate what sea weed they are selling.

We also pitched the name “Sjøsaker” for their product. Sjøsaker is a combination of the Norwegian words “sjø” and “grønnsaker”, which means “sea” and “vegetables”. Sea weed tastes good and adds some unique protein taste to your food, but is also has high protein values which makes it a great nutrition supplement.