Raff Design week

Identity and graphic design
Raff Designuke is Bergens annual design festival – with exhibitions from severeal local designers, talks and debates with professionals from several professions, a design conference and a party in the end of the week. The festival is a way to bring design and designers to the general population, and to bring designers closer to people from other professions.
This was our first year working with Raff. The logo and color palette was already set (designed by Anti/Grandpeople), so our job was building a concept around the established identity. We looked at the previous years of Raff,  and our impression was that the communication was a bit unclear.

 What is Raff? Who is it for? What is the purpose? We wanted to make the festival more accessible to the general public, and more visible all around the city. We asked the question: “What is design?”. Answer: there is no straight answer to this question. Design is all around us, and can be a lot of things. It’s problem solving, it’s ideas, it’s teamwork, it’s a magazine, it’s a pair of underpants. We showed the audience a spectre of what design can be, and also encouraged everyone to make their own answers to the question – by making the answer a blank spot.

Photos from the festival by Tove Lise Mossestad.