Flatøy Rock 2013

Illustration and identity design

Flatøy Rock is a festival where Overhaus in addition to making the graphic profile and doing the promotion also is the main organizer. Flatøy Rock started in 2008 in the garden of Vegard Flatøys parents while they where on holiday. It was a natural response to the lack of cultural activities for young people in Nordhordland and has since grown into a the biggest festival in the area. One of the goals of Flatøy Rock has been to strengthen the local identity and breathe life into the music and culture scene in Nordhordland.

In 2013 the festival was held august 2-3 and featured acts like Krakow, Ribozyme, Marky Ramone and several local up and coming artists. The concept of this years festival evolved around Jochum de Lange. A Flatøy native who in 1765 led 2000 oppressed farmers in a rebellion against the danish rulers in Bergen. This work ranged from making a Flatøy Rock Magazine, a Jochum de Lange action figure, a custom guitar as well as doing other tasks like getting the local community on board and motivating volunteer workers.