Bergen Design Festival

After 7 years of being called Raff Design Week, the name was changed to Bergen Design Festival. The new name is less ambiguous and more to the point. Overhaus were hired to design a new visual identity for the festival, as well as the marketing material for 2017.
We wanted the new identity to be fresh and colorful, but also have a strong connection to Bergen. Looking around the city, we noticed that a lot of buildings are actually quite colorful, with a bright, pastel palette.
The logo illustrates a creative process, where you try, fail, protoype and go in different directions. It’s a dynamic logo that changes shape depending on the surface it’s displayed on.

Bergen Design Festival 2017 celebrated experimentation in design. So for the photo shoot, we decided to have our own experiments in our studio, with materials like jelly, glowsticks, chalk, dry ice and slime.