The haus just expanded!

We are super happy and very pleased to announce a couple of additions to our family. We just got two new employees, and even a small dog to keep us occupied. Kristine is our newest family member, problem solver and joy spreader! Her vision is to make relevant,...

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How to order the design of a record cover

At Overhaus we design a lot of record covers. Both for established acts, up-and-coming artists, and everything in between. Over the years, we’ve experienced approaches and methods that either slow down, or oil the process. To make it easier for everyone involved,...

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Kassett + Overhaus = True

Kassett and Overhaus is now one. This means we´ll be exploring the vast ocean of design together from now on. Since we´re in the middle of arranging our summer party, getting our website up and running, and cleaning up after lunch, we´ll release a more thorough...

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Bergen Psychfest

We did a profile and visuals for a festival in Bergen this spring called "Bergen Psych Fest". You can check out the final results here. However, a project like this requires a often quirky process, that's nowhere near linear, and the results are often picked from a...

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A good looking riot

Roskilde Roadtrip came to Bergen Thursday November 14th, the event was a part of the Roskilde Festivals atempt to become an year round happening. Det Akademiske Kvarter was the venue and featured live performances by Casiokids and JKD & The Bastards. We were asked...

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Storytelling and Flatøy Rock

Flatøy Rock is a music festival held 30 minutes outside of Bergen, featuring a mix of up-and-coming and established acts. Flatøy Rock is the brainchild of Overhaus and an arena for us to apply our philosophy in arts, music and storytelling. Building the local identity...

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