Our mission is to help our clients reach their goals! We do this by creating breathtaking graphic design, branding, beautiful modern websites and deliver fresh and original marketing ideas.

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Eirik Hitland Johannessen
General manager
+47 977 61 054

Eirik is our general manager, general multitasker and general idea generator. Generally, he’s the guy our clients talk to, and he makes sure our designs are never generic. As a designer he’s agile as heck, spewing out astonishing sketches and designs en masse.

Robert Høyem
Designer / Illustrator
+47 970 411 35

Robert is a first-rate illustrator and coffee drinker. His passion for illustration and design started in high school, and he started working as a designer even before he started studying design. His flair for colour and composition is outstanding.

Kristine Malde Lende
Designer / Color lover
+47 988 39 727

Kristine is our problem solver and joy spreader! Her vision is to make relevant, distinct and visually designs for customers, small and big. Kristine loves the smell of fresh print in the morning, tactile surfaces and flashy colors. Her dream is to work as a designer in the 1980’s, but so far she’ll have to settle for the 2010’s.

Andreas Pilskog
Designer / Animator

Andreas is our animation whiz! Loves to draw detailed, quirky and funny illustrations, and bring them to life. Has been a comic book, graffiti and animation nerd all his life. Loves to experiment with different stles and expressions, and loves frame by frame animation. Rides a scooter to work.

Johanne Hegdahl
Junior Designer
+47 452 68 123

Johanne has drawn all her life, and continues to do so at Overhaus. She’s thorough, detail oriented and tidy – you should see her desk! Self taught in photography, programming and Japanese. Loves to work the old fashioned way, with fountain pens or screen printing, but also dreams of becoming an app developer. Or a hacker.

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